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What we Offer

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The Compass Advantage

Our service teams have years of transportation experience. Our goal is to make factoring simple and easy. By emphasizing our clients’ success and business needs, we have created a superior factoring service.

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Simple Account Setup

Within minutes enjoy the ability to start turning invoices into cash! Access your account and enjoy the ability to focus on your business. Access your account anywhere you bring your phone.

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20 Years of Factoring Experience

For more than 20 years, countless transportation companies received same-day cash, excellent customer service, and expandable growth through Compass Funding Solutions.

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Accessible to Anyone

No obligation to see if you can factor with CFS.

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Bundled Savings

When combining Factoring with Insurance and Payment Services, significant savings can be realized.


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Reasonable Rate

Competitive rates are not the only thing we can offer exemplary customer service and consulting is what sets us apparent from our competitors.

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Flexible Term Contracts

When combining Factoring with Insurance and Payment Services, significant savings can be realized.

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Online Credit Check

The trucking industry runs 365 days a year, so does Compass Funding Solutions, be able to check your brokers credit day or night. Compass will make sure you are never in the dark, never pick up a load without knowing how good your broker is.

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Same Day Funding

Compass Funding Solutions specializes in quick funding. Our same day funding* option keeps your business rolling with the cash flow you need.

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No Fee to Apply or Accept Line of Credit

As a CFS client there are no addition fees or applications to accept a line of credit.

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Fuel Cards with Nationwide Discounts

CFS clients enjoy same of the largest discounts on fuel with the bundled factoring and CPS program.

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Lower your Insurance and Grow your Business

Factor with compass and enjoy reduced insurance rates with our factoring and insurance bundle packages**

* Same day funding is an option. Timing on funding on approved invoices is approximate and is not guaranteed.
**insurance quotes provided by a Compass insurance specialist and are based on your insurance application.